The Stance.

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If elected some of my top priorities for citizens in District 2 are:

- Advocate for viable solutions for lagoon clean up; 

- Champion science partnerships with local public schools to allow students to assist with restoration efforts of the lagoon. Providing the opportunity for  exposure to ecological awareness and environmentalism;

- Negotiate with large companies prior to them settling within the district to hire a percentage of local residents giving citizens an opportunity at better paying jobs;

- Provide aid to small businesses within the district while giving tax breaks or waiving fees for a new small business;

- Ensure that all roadways regardless of the area you live are safe and are in good condition.

"There is a lot of work to be done to make sure that our leaders reflect the people that they are supposed to represent. The more diverse a group of decision makers is, the more informed the decision will be. Until we achieve full representation, we all should understand we are all falling short of the ideals of our country"

- Senator Kamala Harris